Under the Stars

Under the Stars

2020 has certainly been a year of extreme challenges for everyone around the globe. As the corona virus pandemic continues to flourish we are forced to keep a social distance from one another and sadly this can lead us to become emotionally distant as well. It’s difficult to hang on sometimes. We miss our friends and families more and more, especially with the holidays on the horizon. We long to embrace one another in celebration and in grief, to sit together and share a meal and to celebrate all of life. Art, for me, keeps me connected to this life. This collection, Under the Stars, reminds me that we are all connected in this universe. Whether we are camping in the wilderness, out star gazing in the backyard while making snow angels or just looking up as we are out walking the dog in the evening, we are connected. No matter where we find ourselves in time, every one of us can look up and see the exact same sky and feel that connection.  The universe holds us all together under the stars.

I hope you enjoy these pieces and that they will inspire in you that same connection to your loved ones and to the world.

Stay strong, stay safe. We will get through this pandemic together,


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