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Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears while big and ferocious are one of the most loved Woodland Critters. In real life, the gruff grizzly bear lumbers thru the wilderness, emitting deep, rumbling growls guarding its territory and the black bear moves cautiously and quietly and are excellent tree climbers sometimes even sleeping in them! Polar bears live above the Arctic Circle and love to swim and play with their siblings in and out of the water but they are Meat Eaters unlike the other bears,  so watch out if you're ever up hunting seals as the Polar bear might hunt you!

Don't worry, our Glass Fusion Bears are an adorable version of those intimidating creatures. They stand 5" tall and 8" wide. These rumpled and affectionate versions will delight your sense and capture your heart.

Each is one-of-a-kind and unique in their characteristic markings. Set one on a shelf for all your friends to see.

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